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A global energy network

GES is building a global network of first-class energy storage assets. Our goal is to invest c.$250 million into brown and greenfield assets, initially in Europe and Asia, in the next five years. We are also pursuing opportunities in the Americas and Africa.

Our development efforts are focused on establishing expandable platforms located at key crossroads of energy flows. We will continue to expand our network to facilitate our customers’ storage and logistics needs in the midstream space.

Communication network concept

The future for energy storage

Focused on facilitating the Energy Transition, we are developing the infrastructure needed for our customers to move towards ever more sustainable and low carbon energy by concentrating on three strategic pillars:

1. Low-carbon, high-value hydrocarbon growth

2. Decarbonization

3. New energies


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

GES is committed to maintaining the highest standards in health, safety, environmental performance, and quality in all our operations.

Our dedication to safety is the cornerstone of our business. We strive to achieve zero work-related illnesses and zero harm to the environment to ensure an open and proactive safety culture. Our corporate policies and procedures govern us globally.

Our Senior Team

Our team is one of the most experienced and highly qualified in the sector, with extensive operational and commercial expertise and a strong track record in realizing large and complex Greenfield terminal projects for liquid and gaseous commodities.

Our commitment to a fair and sustainable future

Our History

We are the sister company to GPS, the Global Petro Storage Group, and managed by the same experienced team.

We are developing a network of storage terminals with particular emphasis on facilitating the Energy Transition, which is standalone to the three assets owned and operated by GPS.

GPS continues to be owned by Blue Water Energy and White Deer Energy and operated as an independent company.

GES History

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We’re investing in a first-class energy storage network